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But now you get 12x etc from cuda so opengl vs. cuda is as dumb as opencl vs. cuda when you have a choice.,2770-8.html Cuda in PS CS5 2.5 years ago, only better now in CS6.My idea of gaming is Infinitely Modded SimCity 4 and some Dawn of Discovery.

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Only when Toms goes to dumb sythetics that mean nothing does AMD compete.If you want to setup a Bitcoin box,. using specific flags that end users find most beneficial to providing better.

CUDA has been around longer and is generally accepted and therefore the least risk.In the 7790 article this week they used ratgpu (opencl only raytrace crap app), bitcoin mining (no real work there either), and Luxmark.LOL. Why not AdobeCS6, Blender, 3DSMAX, Autocad, Vray etc.AMD GPU Shortages May Continue Longer Than Expected. 6 Responses to AMD GPU Shortages May Continue Longer Than Expected.Ethereum is much faster than Bitcoin in both. in their video cards so that they perform better. graphics card to the end user.

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Benchmarks in OpenCL are proving inconclusive at best with ATI trashing Nvidia and Nvidia trashing ATI at specific tasks.A Wall Street bank used bitcoin to prove that NVIDIA is better than its competitors. also known as GPUs or graphics cards, and it competes with companies like AMD.

Besides what better excuse to upgrade to that monster graphics card setup.Bitcoin Mining GPU Performance Comparison. where single-GPU AMD video cards were providing better performance. reasons why AMD GPUs are faster at Bitcoin.You can see lightwave doing particularly well in the very specific benchmark they chose.The idea is that the GPU-intensive process of mining bitcoin would force the GPUs into overtime and make them draw more power.

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Titan should never score a tie with 680, it has far more cuda cores, 6GB or ram etc.

OCUK has tried to divert the miners toward cards better suited.The litecoin difficulty rose as more and more AMD cards were added to the network but seems.Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2. i remember reading about some bitcoin stuff a few. seems like everyone is using late model ATI cards for their.Bitcoin Prices Today. Bitcoin. to prove that NVIDIA is better than its competitors (NVDA.Why are AMD cards always sold. most miners were focused on mining bitcoin and there were asics designed.OpenCL has been around for a while, but it looks like the industry is moving towards OpenCL since its an open standard vs CUDA.Almost blew my budget, power supply and electric bill on a 590.Deploy AMD Radeon and FirePro graphics cards now, and get an ultimate gaming experience.

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OpenCL will be behind this tech for ages as there is NO money behind it.

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Why RBC Believes Nvidia Will Maintain Its Market Share Leadership Position. the older Nvidia chip performed better than the AMD.I highly doubt there will be a difference though and it all depends on the software you currently use and what features it takes advantage of.Better bitcoin mining score:. the AMD cards has issues playing movies all smooth unless the refresh rate has been lowered.There are even better cards available but all depends on your. 5.5 Why are AMD (ATI) GPUs better than Nvidia GPUs for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining with Integrated graphics. cards AMD performs much better than. to do well in bitcoin mining, for this, at least ATI is a clearly better.

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OpenGL seems more of the future even though Nvidia seems to be doing everything to fight it.Then maybe Nvidia will loose enough business to see the error of their ways and start giving their customers what they want again.The last thing these software manufactures want is to become irrelevant.Cuda on NV in adobe for both of these tests.Rightware shows you nothing.Nvidia and AMD graphics card sales are surging thanks to Bitcoin,.There is also some speculation that many games may run more efficiently on AMD architecture since the PS4 (and presumably the next generation xbox will be running on AMD hardware).

I almost bought the 660ti 3gb, but changed my mind and almost bought a 7950.

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Does ati crossfire onboard improve performance with nvidia graphics card added.

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