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There are many other arguments concerning these particular proposals of raising the block size, and there are many proponents who believe this will solve the mempool issue, slow transactions, and a higher fee market.One experience I had dealing with this problem was on February 29th as I waited three days for a large sum transaction to confirm.There are many disagreements against off chain concepts, and some of them are parallel with the fears of raising the block size.Having robust, healthy debates regarding the best way to enhance the Bitcoin Blockchain and doing so with tact, reason, and logic, as opposed to emotion, could go a long way.In many ways, people against off chain ideas say that trust moves back to centralized facilitators.Unconfirmed transactions are the result of a not-so-tasty recipe.What is your do you think about scaling Bitcoin, transaction times and fee markets currently.

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Electrum Wallet “Low Fee” unconfirmed transaction pending

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Unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions and you: What's going on

A list of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions. 1975 Unconfirmed Transactions Live updating list of new bitcoin transactions.

If you have a transaction in your account that has gone unconfirmed for more than 24 hours, Coinbase will remove it.This chart shows one mempool recording over 8MB of unconfirmed transactions at several times over the past week.While bitcoin has largely removed the issue of double spending, unconfirmed transactions still leave a window of opportunity.

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Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet built for speed and convenience. this is how Bitcoin transactions work as well.Bitcoin fees have shot up, nearly doubling over the past few days as the backlog of unconfirmed transactions nears 200,000.

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There is no way to get the bitcoin back, unless the other person sends the money back.

Number of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions reaches record

The developers over at say the Thunder Network will scale faster than traditional credit card processors and could handle 100,000 transactions per second.

Users with balances of bitcoin in their Blockchain Wallet on August 1st will be able to access an equal balance, as of August 1st, of bitcoin cash.There are a bunch of fixes being discussed as we speak and all of them may or may not help the current situation.

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Bitcoin transactions are relayed across. with the above view on unconfirmed transaction security.

Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions Crosses Above 200,000

I am trying to send myself some bitcoin from my other Bitcoin wallet to my Coinbase Bitcoin wallet. how to cancel unconfirmed transaction in